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Creating Adverts that Sell: The Headline

The right advert headline can improve your results by 1000%. Advert design is critical to the success of your campaign, yet all too often we are supplied adverts that we just know will not work. How do we know this? Sometimes it's because of our experience and knowledge in the local market and for a particular industry, more often than not it's because the strategy or the design elements to the advert are incomplete or missing. If you are keen to ensure your advertising dollar has the best chance of working then read on, we'll lead you through the tricks of [...]

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Are Your Advertising Expectations Aligned with Reality?

You've been advertising for a long time, right? You have tried lots of media and sat through many sales presentations, yet you're still confused and more often than not, you're disappointed. Here's the thing - are your expectations aligned with reality? Is it reasonable to expect a certain level of results from your advertising? Studies have shown that in some cases, more than 30 per cent of businesses do not recommit to a campaign because they feel that they did not get value. Is this you? The question is, what were you expecting? Was it realistic and were you measuring it? [...]

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Feel Like Your Can’t Afford Print?

“I can’t afford to advertise” If I had a dollar for every time I heard this! The other common cry is, “I thought I’d give it a go because it’s cheap.” My view? There is no such thing as cheap if it gets no results. In a past newsletter, we talked about first focusing on the strategy - Why advertise? What do I want to achieve? Where will I advertise? How will I advertise? Now, let’s delve into the question of whether you can afford to advertise. I believe even the smallest of businesses can afford significant advertising if they achieve [...]

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Talking Print & Digital

Hand in Glove As I have previously stated, Active Networks is a great believer in using multiple channels to get your marketing message across. Rather than think 'print advertising' or 'digital advertising', I’d encourage you to think print and digital. Doing so will help you to improve your ROI. Traditional advertising, of which print is one, and digital advertising – think Adwords, Facebook, Instagram – work hand-in-hand. Each should be applied for its strengths. Advertising in magazines can be used for call to action but is best used building brand awareness. Digital is very tactical; you can turn it off and [...]

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Creating Trust in Advertising

Trust in advertising has always been an issue and today even more so. With fake news, fake reviews and programmatic advertising, consumers have reason to be wary. The table below references a study done in 2017. Importantly, it links trust with purchase intention. Traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and TV came out way ahead of digital advertising. Almost a third more people said they trusted print when making a purchase decision over search engines, and double that for Facebook and Instagram. Print is one of the best channels to create trust and purchase intention with consumers. For the full report, click [...]

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Email: Perfect Your Re-engagement Strategy

You spend a lot of valuable time and money getting people to subscribe to your email list, so it’s a problem when they stop engaging. Plus, those inactive subscribers drag down your open rates, click-through rates, email deliverability, and sender reputation. In this article, I provide an overview of an ‘Inactive’ subscriber, provide four reasons to re-engage your inactive subscribers and give you six tactics on how to re-engage your subscribers. What is an Inactive Subscriber? The definition of ‘inactive’ subscribers depends entirely on your organisation’s email strategy. If you regularly email your list (say two to three times per week) [...]

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Email: Reporting

None of us like to admit it, but reporting is arguably the most important part of the email campaign, and that’s why at Active Networks, we use every report to shape our next email campaign. Here are seven simple ways to measure your email success: 1. Set your goals Before sending your email, decide what you want to get out of the campaign. Your goals will enable you to measure the success of your campaign. Your goals could include: - Delivering information or getting your email read (open rate) - Lead generation (click-through rate) - Conversions (purchases, downloads, data capture, attending an [...]

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Where Are Your Leads Coming From?

I’d be a rich person if I received a dollar for every time a business owner incorrectly stated they know where their leads are coming from. The most common responses I receive include, “They found me on Google”, “They came off my website”, “They were driving by”. I’m not saying that these statements aren’t true, but is it the information you are looking for? Found you from your website Unless they are a past client, something has bought them to your website. They may have done a random search and you got lucky, but most likely some other pieces of marketing [...]

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8 Reasons to Choose Print Advertising

We are a great believer in using multiple channels to get your marketing message across – and it all starts with developing the right strategy. You can’t do everything, so do what you can well within a few channels. Here’s why print should be in the mix: Engagement Magazines are among the most trusted media, which is also translated into the time consumers spend reading a title. As most magazines are read at home or when consumers are relaxed, readers are more receptive to the content and the advertising. Active Networks’ 2016 survey of nearly 1000 local residents revealed that 41% [...]

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Capture their data

You spend a serious sum of money to encourage a prospect to call the store, visit your website or drop in. They do so - accumulating knowledge and insights into your products and services and then they leave. In some cases, you know who they are but in most cases, they simply hang up, leave your website or walk out the door. You’re left wondering if this anonymous enquiry will return and you feel somewhat deflated and impotent. What if you had the power to control the conversation? What if you were able to instigate the next contact and nurture the [...]

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