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What Makes An Effective Advert

You spend a great deal of time planning your marketing activity, so why wouldn't you take the time to ensure you are putting every effort into your ad design? Your advertising needs to grab the attention of your customer and provide an adequate return on your advertising investment. The image above was put out by NewsMediaWorks and is a useful tool that highlights things to consider when building an advert. NewsMediaWorks then correlates this graph with other information to determine what are the key things driving consumer response. For their full analysis, visit their official website. I have provided a summary for [...]

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Using Guarantees To Sell

Guaranteed to reduce risk and boost sales. In my previous article, I discussed how to build trust through print advertising. I referenced a study that asked the question, “In general, which types of advertising channels do you trust when you want to making a purchasing decision?” Print topped the list at 82%, digital was down at 61% and Facebook languished at 42%. The take home message from this is that print is a great vehicle to build brand and purchase intent. In this article, I will focus on risk. A consumer’s buying behaviour is heavily dependent on the perceived risk. By risk [...]

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Understanding Your Customer Journey

Understanding your customer’s journey is a key to success. In 1898, E. St Elmo Lewis came up with a model to describe the customer’s journey from the time the customer was attracted to the product or service until the time they purchased it. Mr Lewis was later inducted into the American Hall of Fame posthumously, in 1951. His model is still used today and is often given the acronym AIDA. This stands for: •    Awareness – the customer is aware of the existence of a product or service •    Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product •    Desire – aspiring to a particular [...]

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Timing is Key

Think Local continues to grow in local traffic, engagement and conversions, but we are seeing some content that is not reaching its full potential for one simple reason – timing. Content is key to success on Think Local, but timing is on a level par. Think Local is tied in with the monthly Peninsula Living and North Shore Living magazines, so our marketing campaigns run on one-month cycles. Therefore, content that is only live for a couple of weeks will not reach its potential. To be frank, we don't want to see an event going online two weeks before the event [...]

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The True Value of Think Local

Lets explore the true value of Think Local and turning Locals in to Loyals Here is an example of what a client's Dashboard looked like after one month of activity: Sales Value Emails Phone Calls Website Referrals Views 3 $495 1 4 30 400 In this example the client has sold 3 deals for a total value of $495. The cost of their advertising was $165 so their ROA (Return on Advertising) is 300%, RIGHT? Well yes if I take a short-term, simplistic view and NO if I look deeper to see the true value of the business's results. Think Local is [...]

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Think Local: Year One in Numbers

Last Year, we celebrated Think Local's first birthday and, according to both users and advertisers, it has laid the foundations for rich rewards for both local businesses and consumers. When we relaunched the website, our vision was clear - to turn locals into loyal customers. According to our advertisers and online users alike, Think Local has already realised the goal. In that one year, we saw: Number of local businesses promoting their content on Think Local increase by 107% Online transactions increase by 178% Monthly transaction value increase by over 200% (compared to the same month in the previous year) As we do not take [...]

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Think Local: Planning for the Year Ahead

In previous months we have discussed how important Timing is with Think Local, the True Value of our packages, as well as Database & Marketing opportunities made available through Think Local. All of those article articles are available at the bottom of this page… This month, we are discuss our content calendars, which are designed to make our packages as efficient as possible for our advertisers throughout 2018. After speaking to many of our advertisers, it’s obvious that time is so precious it becomes difficult for them to plan ahead with regards to their Think Local content; the content becomes a [...]

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How Think Local Will Work for Your Business

Think Local is a website designed to introduce local residents to local businesses across the Northern Beaches and North Shore, helping small, local businesses grow through loyal customers. Growing by the day, Think Local attracts over 120,000 local, unique users every year and has grown an email database of over 33,000 local residents. Our website hosts the best local Events, the most eye-catching local Promotions and local Deals which offer at least 50% off the normal price. For businesses and merchants, our ethos is simple; we turn local residents into loyal customers. What Our Customers Say During 2017 we completed a [...]

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Think Local Grows Your Database

In previous months, I have outlined the true value of Think Local, the importance of timing and an overview of the first year in numbers. This month, I explain how Think Local grows our advertisers’ database and presents new, low-cost marketing opportunities. Our advertisers are capturing data of up to 150 new, local consumers each month and that data is freely available for them to use. The data is stored within their unique dashboard ready for them to use to grow long-term and loyal relationships. This data develops marketing opportunities for our advertisers and here are some of the ways that we encourage our advertisers [...]

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Think Local: A Multi-Channel Marketing Solution

You will have come across at least one salesperson during your business career flying the metaphorical flag for print, Google, online, mobile, TV, radio and social media as individual marketing channels. Then, there are the website developers who assure you a new website will change your business fortunes forever, and the SEO specialists who will bring the organic traffic to the website. Many of us marketing professionals and business influencers do not know what way to turn. The truth is, you should be utilising all marketing channels to create the best possible opportunity to grow your business, but that is rarely [...]

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