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Who are Active Networks?

Our mission is to provide customers with a medium to grow their businesses; readers and consumers a means to tell their stories and connect with local business and community groups a voice to encourage local engagement. We always act with integrity and honesty, building ongoing relationships based on understanding, trust and a genuine commitment to delivering value.

Our Vision is to be a diversified marketing and communications business, serving local communities throughout Sydney.
Our brands are cherished and trusted for being a primary source of stimulating, reliable and accurate community and business content.
Our customers demand our products because we:

  • have trusted local brands, delivering real value

  • provide customised service

  • are respected for the honesty and integrity of our advice

  • are committed to delivering results

Our Valuable Team Members

Kate Hutchinson
Kate HutchinsonEditor-in-Chief
Kate Hutchinson has been a journalist for over 15 years. In 2010, she became Editor-in-Chief at 25 years old. After over five years in the position, moved to Dubai for a year-long stint. She is now back and once again taken on the very rewarding role.
Stephen Indersmith
Stephen IndersmithPublisher of Active Networks
Stephen Indersmith is the publisher of Active Networks. He established the business in 2001. In a previous life, Stephen enjoyed travelling around the world, however now loves to spend time with his three sons and wife.
Donna Toon
Donna ToonActive Networks
Donna Toon is the advertising manager for Peninsula Living. Ms Toon has worked at Active Networks since 2010, and has been involved in advertising for over 15 years. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs.
Mary Indersmith
Mary IndersmithFinancial Controller
Mary Indersmith is the financial controller of Active Networks. She has been with the company since its establishment in 2001. Mrs Indersmith enjoys watching her children play sport, walking the family dog Buster, and reading on the beach.
Michelle Martinecz
Michelle MartineczCreative Director
Michelle Martinecz is the creative director of Active Networks. She has been with the company since 2010, and has worked in the design industry for more than 25 years. Ms Martinecz loves working on her fine art and coastal hiking.