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Active Networks Digital

Our Approach

Active Networks Digital supports print advertising to provide a wholistic marketing solution across Print, Google, Social Media and Email, delivering trackable results.

We ensure consistency across all platforms, ensuring business growth by engaging and converting prospective, existing and past customers in the following stages of the consumer cycle;

Target | Engage | Qualify | Convert | Retain

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Using social media advertising platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin), we target the right prospects for your business. We re-market to the customers who are already engaged.

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

We use Google Adwords to ensure that your business is found by prospects who have searched for your service within Google. We also re-market to those who visited your website but didn’t convert.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We manage your marketing emails to deliver real results. We create email campaigns to support your marketing calendar and automated email sequences to optimise your leads & conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Landing Pages

We create custom-made landing pages which are design to convert, providing you with tangible results. The results typically include phone calls, email enquiries and leads (data capture).


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